Mangologic is immensely scaleable

Or not. As you wish ....

Traditional back-end infrastructure is complex.

Mangologic is able to offer a traditional back-end of this kind, which involves setting up Ubuntu servers, Docker containers, planning capacity, ensuring backups and security, monitoring availability of the application servers and of the database servers, etc.

But quite frankly, we don't compete well in this with major cloud infrastructures such as Google and Amazon #notahugesurprise

Our traditionally-managed infrastructure is expensive in comparison, and less reliable.

For true scaleability, we offer you something else..

Scalability off the scale

Mangologic now integrates with Google Firebase to ensure projects are indefinitely scaleable, where the pricing is expressed in multiples of "100k" of simultaneous connections (how many users were you planning?)

Mangologic is able to focus on its great strengths, which is in empowering your organisation to configure and maintain digital systems without programming, which means: reliably, rapidly, and at low-cost.

The Mangologic-Firebase backend inherits the scalebility and availability that only an organization such as Google can provide.

The advantages of using Google Firebase do not only accrue to projects are large-scale. The almost perfect worry-free availability also accrues to a project with just a couple of users. No need to ring our support to report the server is down - the server will never be down!