Mangologic is maintainable

Maintainability of software is important and is often overlooked at project conception.

Circumstances change over time and force changes to software.

What happens then?

Well, if the development of the software was a nightmare journey in the first place, then you are in big trouble.

The Nightmare Journey

Stage 1: Optimism

The small demo app seemed easy! The sun is shining. Looking forward to the journey.

Stage 2: Concern

Real-world complexity kicks in. We thought we would be able to do this, but now we need to engage expert programmers

Stage 3: "Success"

We have reached our goal, but we can't move an inch otherwise we will die.

The Mangologic Journey

1. You plan an App ...
... the configuration of the App in Mangologic has the same shape as your conception

You can and check the configuration. It is highly maintainable.

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... Its an issue with that Age question

... Yeah, its a number input question, but you haven't added any bounds. Not a big one, but you may want to check that out

2. You specify an algorithm ...
... definitions in Mangologic are as readable as the ones in your algorithm

You can read the definitions you need. It remains highly maintainable.

3. You validate with the step-by-step debugger
4. The system looks over your shoulder and flags likely issues

5. Mangologic automatically tracks references. You can't break a reference chain.

The most common cause of software crashing is hanging references

6. Your team collaborates towards high quality, using Mangologic issue tracking

Mangologic is maintainable

So the place you arrive at is very different. You are not on a cliff's edge when you need to make a change six months later.

You login and have control of the software, rather than the other way around.