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Mangologic is a powerful and versatile platform for configuring and deploying mobile decision-support and data collection systems without programming.
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label Flexible Apps

In Mangologic, Apps are designed by configuring Activities (roughly: screens) and defining transitions between them.
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label Easily Configured Decision Logic

For decision support, the most important kind of Activity is what we call Processes - interactive dialogues with the user.
You can define and maintain (even complex) conditional logic without programming.

If your task is decision support, that power is vital.

Here you can see how easy the "code" is to read!

labelGetting Started with Process Logic

label Designed Data

With Mangologic you have total control over the data structures your system records and uses.
define client

You design exactly the data structures you want via a simple web interface.

Within Processes, you define Actions to create exactly which data you want (see the green nodes 15 and 16 in the Process screenshot above).

The data is always in standard database structures, so reporting is easy.

People love the dashboards.

labelGetting Started with Data

label Managed Deployments

user slots
Define users, roles and groups.

Assign apps and versions flexibly to roles and groups.

deployment data
Monitor usage and data as it comes in.

Be in control.

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