Getting Started

For the Impatient

We sympathise with people who want a quick view of things.

So this Getting Started is structured into three, the first two are designed to give you some impressions of what Mangologic is in just a few minutes:

  • smartphone Get a pre-configured sample App running on your device
  • web View the configuration of that App in the Mangologic web UI

The third section is for when you want to go futher and understand things more.

smartphone Run Sample App

Fetch your Android

Mangologic runs on Android, so fetch your Android device and skip to the section below ..

You don't have an Android? You could use an Android emulator by installing Android Studio or the excellent Genymotion. Warning: this may not turn out to be a lightning fast thing to do.

If you don't have an Android device and don't want to create an Android emulator, skip to see how apps are configured, or look at some tutorial stuff.

Install Mangologic on device

  • labelGo to Device Settings -> Security
  • labelPermit installation of Apps from "Unknown sources"
  • labelOpen device browser
  • labelVisit this page
  • labelClick get_applink to download Mangologic
  • labelOnce downloaded, double click on file to install
  • helpIf it didn't work for you, let us help

Download sample app

  • labelRun Mangologic
  • labelClick "New Initialisation" button
  • labelFor User Slot, enter: 1
  • labelFor Password, enter: x
  • labelClick the device's back button
  • labelWait until Login screen appears
  • labelYour name is Julie Public! Login with Password: x
  • helpIf it didn't work for you, let us help

web App Configuration

Login to trial server

  • labelClick on laptopServer link
  • labelLogin with a Google Account

Import Project configuration

  • labelSelect to Import Project
  • labelSelect "Import via Key"
  • labelCopy and paste in the following key:
  • label
  • labelClick OK

info_outline Tutorial Documentation

label Assembling an App

labelGetting Started with Apps

label Defining Process Logic

label Defining Data

label Managing a Deployment