mangologic is a versatile, scalable and maintainable platform for creating and deploying mobile data collection and decision support systems.

Everything is achieved by 100% configuration and 0% programming, which has a major impact on the cost-effectiveness of your system as well as on your organisation's ability to maintain and modify it as things change.

The result is a lot of control over the system and yet a low Total Cost of Ownership (TCO).

Via the mangologic configuration interface, your team can configure app workflows, process logic, and define precisely the data structures your project needs.

Periodically, you take versions to deploy to mobile devices for testing.

When a version is ready for the field, you use the mangologic user interface again to organise the deployment and monitor the data.



The overall structure of an App is defined in a "symbolic storyboard", where you choose the Activities you want to have in the App and define the transitions between them.


mangologic is uniquely strong in the support it provides for non-programmers (for example, medics) to define decision logic.

The logic remains intelligible and maintainable, no matter how complex the application becomes.

This means that sophisticated user dialogues can be constructed with confidence in the correctness of the logic which underlies them.


DATA STRUCTURES are configured in a way which is familiar to anyone who has used a spreadsheet.

Importantly, they are defined independently of the processes which use them. In programming jargon, they are decoupled.

What results is beautifully intelligible data in a relational database, to which analytics solutions such as Periscope Data or Google Data Studio can be connected in seconds.



Using Mangologic, Vodafone Foundation and its partners have implemented a highly successful system for the co-ordination of emergency transport, which has been saving lives in Northern Tanzania every day since its inception.

The ease with which triaging logic can be implemented and amended is one important aspect. The project also included an integration between mangologic and the MPesa Mobile Money API


The Innovation Unit of Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) Suisse use mangologic to implement an innovative and extensive pediatric algorithm, eCare, which has been used now in Central African Republic, DRC, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Tanzania.

The logic of the algorithm, and others, is implemented and maintained in mangologic by medical doctors.


D-tree International's community health program on Zanzibar, in conjunction with the Ministry of Health, is using mangologic to enable Community Health Workers to provide high quality, structured care and advice to their clients, following nationally defined guidelines.

A lot of data is produced as a by-product of the work of the Community Health Workers, and because mangologic ensures that the data is highly intelligible, D-tree is able to create attractive and useful visualizations of the data which help District Health Management Teams to identify challenges and implement positive changes in their areas.



mangologic leverages Google Firebase as the operational backend system.

This means in operation, mangologic is extremely highly available even for small projects and most importantly for large projects scales elegantly and linearly without the need for further infrastructure configuration.

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