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Versatile. Scalable. Maintainable.

Mangologic is a versatile, scalable and maintainable platform for configuring and deploying digital systems without programming.

Its primary uses are in mobile decision-support and data collection .

web and mobile

Flexible Apps

Apps are assembled from building blocks called Activities: apps can be indefinitely large.

Flexibility is important for Vodafone Foundation's Emergency Transport system

Using Mangologic, Vodafone Foundation and its partners implemented a highly successful system which has been saving lives in Northern Tanzania every day since its inception.

The project included an integration between Mangologic and the MPesa Mobile Money API

Powerful Decision Logic

Easily configured interactive decision support dialogues with the user.

You can define and maintain (even complex) conditional logic without programming.

Maintenance in the face of change is straightforward.

Changes are easily remotely deployed to users, and versions can be assigned specific user groups.

Powerful Decision Logic is vital for MSF's eCARE

The Innovation Unit of Medecins Sans Frontiers (MSF) Suisse use Mangologic to implement an innovative and extensive pediatric algorithm, eCare, which has been used now in Central African Republic, DRC, Mali, Niger, Nigeria and Tanzania.

Beautiful Data

You decide the data structures your system records and uses.
define client

You design exactly the data structures you want via a simple web interface.

Data is created by explicit Actions in decision-support dialogues. That is, this is not just a form-submitting system.

You can tailor the data is created to meet your needs with precision.

The data can be viewed in standard database structures, so reporting is easy.

Standard dashboard software can be connected simply to create attractive reports.

Beautiful data is central to managing D-tree International's community health program on Zanzibar

D-tree International has implemented many successful projects using Mangologic, including a long-term community health worker project on Zanzibar to encourage women to give birth in clinics (Uzazi Salama).

Managed Deployments

user slots
Define users, roles and groups.

Assign apps and versions flexibly to roles and groups.

deployment data
Monitor usage and data as it comes in.

Be in control.

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