HANDLE complexity,
while keeping it simple.

When dealing with complex projects, you need a platform designed to be flexible enough to manage the complexity.

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Configuration not coding

With mangologic, complex mobile-based systems  can be built via configuration without the need for coding. This has many advantages, in particular it is great for long-term maintenance.

Configuration rather than coding gives a low Total Cost of Ownership

Configure logic in easily maintainable definitions

Define the procedural logic of complex decision processes

Design user dialogues and complex workflows

Design and configure component user interfaces

Assemble apps from components

Configure a system and a deployment


suitable for a wide variety of projects

Data Collection

Collecting data with mangologic is not only simple, but the data structures you get at the end are precisely the ones you define at the beginning. No need for post-processing. Simply connect an analytics solution to get beautiful visualizations.

Complex Workflow

Apps can be configured with  behaviour responsive to context. All of this, again, with only configuration, no need for programming. Let us show you how.

Data-based apps

Sometimes you have a lot of existing static data and you need an app with which someone can navigate the data and create other data based on it. With mangologic, you can manage such systems.

Decision Support

As its name hints, mangologic has unique and powerful features which make it possible to give your users very complex decision support, but which you can  configure and maintain yourself. No programming.

Collaboration Tools

With mangologic, you can  design multi-app systems in which there are different apps for different job roles, and yet they are able to share data (via bi-directional synchronization) to support collaborative working.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach here. The apps you create are built from the ground up as you want them, and there are no arbitrary limits. So if you have a project which isn't easily categorized, speak with us.


operational performance the same whether you have 10 users or 10,000 users

mobile-first, cloud-based

mangologic exploits state-of-the-art cloud infrastructure to ensure 100% availability and 100% scalability of your project.

Data Sharing / Bi-directional synchronization

Conceptually, each project has a single common database and may contain several different apps with several different kinds of users. You configure which user devices see which data and which users may modify that data.

Serverless operation

The traditional servers we use are for system configuration and analytics. The successful day to day operation of the systems you build with mangologic require no servers, only the cloud infrastructure which syncs the data.

We can easily tailor the system for specific projects by writing cloud functions which trigger on specific events.


you remain firmly in control

No coding, just configuration

Coding is costly and complex. But many projects have very specific requirements which seem to demand such custom development.

mangologic is an alternative. It is flexible enough to be configurable for a wide variety of custom project needs, but simple enough to be configured and managed by non-programmers.

App Assembly

An app is assembled from components that you configure. These building blocks are arranged together in a logical Storyboard which determines what sequences of functions the user sees. As with a box of Lego bricks, there are no arbitary limits on what you can design.


A very special kind of component in mangologic is a Process.

With Processes, you craft logic-backed user dialogues.

Non-programmers find themselves easily able not only to define questions, but also to define logic flows and exactly what information is recorded to the database.